Feature requests for upload component

We used to use DropzoneJS for uploading and are now using the Radzen Blazor upload component.

I wonder if the following options can be added to this component:

  1. Send files one by one.
    When selecting multiple files to upload the files should not upload as one post but each file as a separate post.
  2. Add a dropzone.
    Besides the upload button it would be nice to have a dropzone where the user can drop the files on.
  3. Zip before uploading.
    Not sure if this is possible. The browser can parse gzipped data from the server. It would be nice if it would work the other way as well. Thus gzip the file before posting. The server should handle the unzipping.

Hi @Paul_Meems,

We may implement 2 (we don't think the other ones are feasible from technical point of view). Please bear in mind we don't commit with a specific deadline.