Feature Request: Focus Next or Submit on Enter

Hi, I have been considering keyboard based rapid data entry scenarios. The settings 'SelectOnFocus' and 'Autofocus' are very useful. I think two more settings, FocusNextOnEnter and SubmitOnEnter would compliment them nicely.

FocusNextOnEnter would simply emulate a Tab button press when the return or enter keys are pressed. SubmitOnEnter would submit the form when the return or enter keys are pressed.

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Hi ,
Do these settings exist on non templateforms ?

No, those settings don't exist.

I should clarify my original message:

  1. 'SelectOnFocus' and 'Autofocus' do exist, but it appears to be only in the numeric component (Introduced v1.33.9?). I did not realize this at the time of the feature request.
  2. 'FocusNextOnEnter' does not exist anywhere, and was the feature request.
  3. I am fairly new to web development. I have since learned that the function of the Enter key is a hot topic on forums. It does appear that the standard is to submit on enter. Any deviation from this standard should be considered carefully.

So, when creating a non-template form in v2.42.8 it appears 'SelectOnFocus' and 'Autofocus' are not available when a field type is set to number. This suggests a template form is necessary to leverage the settings, but 'SelectOnFocus' and 'Autofocus' will only be available when using numeric component. Best Regards.