- Feature Request - Dynamic Form Builder / Reader

Hi guys,

we have run a React JS application for quite some time and a core part of the application is that we have a user accessible dynamic form builder and reader.

essentially it's a drag and drop JSON createor (form builder) which allows users to drag various UI components into a "form" and specify some standard values... i.e. i want a radio list and it has some options of "Yes" and "No" we also have some further extension configuration bits in our build such as background color i.e. Yes is BG Green, Yes has a score of 1, Yes is linked to the following other DB references, show this question when another question is equal to "10" .... etc.

the reader inteprets this JSON and presents the user with the dynamic form allowing them to input data. the input data is basically a related JSON string which we later intepret alongside the form configuration.

there are plenty of examples of these in both React and Angular, but not yet in Blazor i'm hoping that this missing feature could be built or put into the pipeline as i think it would basically round out just about every capability i can fhink of for the Radzen platform

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