Feature Request - Disabled/ReadOnly controls


I would like to suggest a feature request of displaying a "no" icon no for any radzen control that is Disabled or ReadOnly. Ideally this icon would show on mouse hover event. If this is something you do not want to add can you please suggest how to implement this?

VS 2019: 16.9.2
Radzen: 3.1.6
Blazor Server: .NET 5.0

You can do that today with CSS:

.rz-state-disabled {
   cursor: not-allowed !important;
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Thank you. That works for disabled but how do we accomplish for "readonly" controls? I was expecting an .rz-state-readonly but it doesn't exist.

Thank you.

Yes, this doesn't exist at the moment. You can use attribute selector [readonly] where applicable (some components don't use it when readonly).

.rz-inputtext[readonly] {
   cursor: not-allowed !important;
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Thank you, that works perfectly.