Feature Request: Chart Click Events


I was wondering if it would be possible to have click events on charts in which you could get what section was clicked. For my particular case I would use the Pie chart and when clicked it would update the pie chart with different data, but I believe this could be a useful feature to all charts.

Also on a side note, is there a better way to ensure the same color is not used on sections that are touching for the pie chart? Currently I have 39 sections and it causes half of the chart to be different colors but the other half is all blue.


Should've read the Roadmap looks like the click events will be handled by "Series click event" if I'm not mistaken.

Yes, we have in our roadmap but we don't have any deadline for the implementation.

The builtin theme contains colors for 8 slices. You can specify custom colors via the Fills property. Check here for an example Radzen pie chart - #2 by korchev