Feature request: Automated custom functions

At the moment the Radzen tool generates 2 "code-behind" files: componentname-generated.component.ts and componentname.component.ts with the option to include custom code in the file that is never overwritten by regeneration. What I am missing is an option to call a method from the custom code on page load.

An option to solve this, is displayed below:

This means making the generated file an abstract class. And adding an option in the ide to indicate that you want an abstract method at some point. Maybe just adding "abstract method" as an option in the dropdown:

Which would create the abstract method in the generated class and insert it at the point of your choosing in the code.

Possible drawback is that you will get an error if you add this abstract method while the radzen is running the app and you have not yet added the implementations to the non-generated file.
Nevertheless, I see potential in this.

(Is there an other way to accoplish the same at the moment?)

Hi. This can be currently done using Execute JavaScript. Just set the Code to (<any>this).afterGetGamesSubscribe();

The cast to any is needed because the afterGetGamesSubscribe method is defined in the derived class.

Ah, ok. Didn’t try that one. :slight_smile: