F# custom method?

I'm an intermediate-ish programmer who's reasonably comfortable in F# for web scraping and other basic use cases. I have only a basic understanding of C# syntax right now.

Is it possible to write custom methods in F# instead of C#?

Alternatively, I assume I could simply open an F# file in the C# custom method file.

Can anyone suggest some best practices for making this happen, or whether perhaps it's a poor idea?

My use case for Radzen is fairly simply. I'm creating a form that will be populated by an SQL data source, and will be making some fairly simple SQL queries. The results will be used to create office document templates.

Thanks for your assistance!

Hi @Isaac_Rabicoff,

As far as we know C# projects (such as the ones Radzen creates) do not support F# files. The only way to use F# is by creating a F# class library and importing it from the C# project that Radzen has generated.