Extending ApplicationUser with a foreign key

Arghhh… i didnt saw that. Corrected it and all works fine!

Thank You!


I managed to accomplish the tutorial above for my own needs. Additionally want to show my Custom property's name (Dienstleister in my case, it has a Name property) in the User's overview datagrid. So I created another column in the grid and assigned the property "Dienstleister.Name" to it but the new column in the grid remains blank.

Which property do I need to assign?

Thanks in advance

You should try using the $expand parameter of the getUsers method. Set it to the name of the custom property e.g. Dienstleister. This should make the Dienstleister property available in the JSON response. Something like this:

This worked! Thank you very much!


I ve done this procedure and I don't even get the new parameter in the JSON payload. I ve triple checked the source and trying to debug in chrome but I can t find my way in the javascript debugging. I have generated with angular. What would you recommand so I can find my way ?


I have done this configuration for a Blazor app and now I have this when I hit the login button (my property is Company)

InvalidOperationException: Navigation property 'Company' on entity of type 'ApplicationUser' cannot be loaded because the entity is not being tracked. Navigation properties can only be loaded for tracked entities.

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Hi gilles, I'm facing same issue here, is there any solution for that problem?
@korchev Can you help us ?

Hi @GabrielBur,

If you have an active Radzen subscription you can send us your application to info@radzen.com