Extend getting stared blazor with services and other components

First, at all, thank you a lot on Blazor components, this looks so promising, all thing with Radzen and Blazor.
I hope so that Radzen is going to continue support Blazor components,
also I am hoping that my t company will allow me budget for paid support as soon as possible.

Initially I come on form to write about bug on Notifications, lately I fund that I am missing RadzenDialog component in layout.

It will be great if we can get more documentation how to develop Blazor using Radzen's components in visual studio.

Also , since I am new here how you pronounce radzen

Once again thank you on all efort.
Best regards

Thanks for the nice words @Admir_Hodzic!

Today is actually 1st birthday of Radzen.Blazor and I can assure you that we will continue to improve and support our free component library in the next year as well! :slight_smile: We will do our best to add more documentation as well!

Radzen should be pronounces as RAD + Zen (The zen of rapid application development) :slight_smile:

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