Exporting Datagrid Footer Values

Hello all,

I have a question as it relates to the Radzen Datagrid, @ref and Footer Values. I have calculated values in the footer row, and I have the datagrid @ref value set so that I can export the data. I am able to retrieve the Column names from the ColumnsCollection and the data rows, but I do not see the values in the footer. Is that functionality not yet available? I am not using Entity Framework.

If you need any additional information, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Hi @BeerfrogsBeard,

Indeed footers are not exported since they are part of the UI in the DataGrid while export gets the data directly from the database..

Hello @enchev ! Thank you for the response! The @ref object is a RadzenDataGrid, and the Data and ColumnsCollection come through with that reference. It appears to have the ability to contain some UI elements (ColumnsCollection[].Title). Perhaps new functionality could be added to also contain a Footer Collection?

Thanks again for your time!