Export filtered data to Excel

Is there an example to export data that has been filtered in the grid to Excel for Blazor ?

Hi @bhenning,

Yes, in this demo both filtering and sorting are respected: https://blazor.radzen.com/export-excel-csv

HI Enchev
How do I setup the Data query in the Radzen front End ?
I have tried to create the filter using the Parameters field waht value do I put in the Value field?

You can use ${grid0.Query.Filter}

Thanks still busy getting used to the syntax, working like a dream now


I would like to filter the resultset by two fields before excel export but cannot figure it out.
The following "Methods" is for a very bigger table. So I want it to be filtered by "OneFiled" and "AnotherField" before exporting.


With this query, it is just considering one part of the criteria, not the whole.
How can it get to work please ?

It seems that the "AND" syntax from Radzen does not generate "and" at the VS side but "&&" which doesn't work.