Evaluating RadZen.. how to apply for this scenario

I have a SQL table that lists a plant with many values for a series of columns for different years. So the plant is duplicated many times in the table.

I would like to use RadZen to create a web page where I can select a year from a dropdown box and lists all the plants for that year. I would imagine I have to create several SQL queries for this, but how do I apply this in RadZen? I would also like a CRUD so that the user can change the values for the columns.

Once I have an idea on how to do this with RadZen, the company intends to invest for this so we can all use it.

I look forward to any ideas and suggestions so we can evaluate RadZen for our use.

Thanks you!

Hi @AndyC,

If the year is part of the table you can use filtering by year field. Check these articles for more info: