Error at compile time: CS0841 in Service class

In ...Services.cs class:

        var item = context.Items
                          .Where(i => i.idItem == idItem)

in item of OnItemUpdated(item) the compiler states: "Cannot use local variable 'item' before it is declared.
This surely happen because I have a table named 'Items'. Do I have to change the name or will be fixed? Database is mine and I can change the name, unwillingly but I can. If the database was not mine could be a problem.

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We will do our best to handle that in our next update.

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I have run into the same error as I also have a table named Items.Has this made it onto the road map yet and if so is there a time frame for a fix?


I have also run into this same problem, Can we get an update on this?

The problem was fixed long time ago. If you have Radzen subscription you can send us your application meta at

What version is it fixed in? I updated Radzen yesterday but I am still having the problem

Without knowing more info about your application Iā€™m afraid I cannot help much.

I do not have a subscription yet, but my company is thinking about it depending on how this initial development goes.

as far as my application goes all I have done in Radzen is connect it to my PostgreSQL database and auto generate CRUD pages then hit run and it comes up with this error