Encountered a problem where I can’t save any string that contains a ‘/’ and a space using Store Procedure


I have a situation that need some help.


The screen above shown 2 text area components in 2 Form Templates that saves string as Comment and display in the lower right corner.

In my first implementation, I use Stored Procedure to save the Comment from Form Template A into a column named ‘Comment’ in table A, and Remarks from Form Template B into the same column and table.

But I encountered a problem where I can’t save any string that contains a ‘/’ and a space behind it. For example “/2 “ or “20/9/2021 A did something” will fail whereas “/2” will be successfully saved.

I then switched to using Form Template with Invoke Data Source Method to avoid the error. However, I now run into the issue of Radzen not allowing components with the same name to exists in a page. Because both Comment and Remarks need to be saved into the same column in the same table, their component need to be named “Comment” in order to be saved with Form Template.

The reason for Remarks to be in use is because it combines current status name with remarks before it was saved as Comment.

Is there any workaround for this issue? Thank you.

You can have control over what's get sent in a templateform. For example you can use a component with a different name an in the Submit event of the form rename properties. All component values are accessible via ${event.ComponentName}.