Empty sql connectionstring in server/appsettings.json

When you create an app front and backend, starting from an (azure) sql database, but don’t generate CRUD pages the connection string to the database is not set in the appsettings.json file in the server project.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new app
  • Add data source : SQL
  • DON’T generate CRUD screens
  • Generate backend
  • Add 1 page to the app (nothing on it) because you cannot run without a page
  • Run app
  • See exception in Output
  • Go see the appsettings.json file in the server folder, the name of the datasource is there, the value is not set

This doesn’t happen when you do generate the crud screens.

Hi @DeBiese,

I’ve just tried the same using .NET Core 2.x project and latest Radzen (1.32.6) and the connection string was set properly in the appsettings.json file. Are you using .NET Core 1.x by any chance? For the old .NET Core Radzen behavior is a bit different.

Best Regards,

Hi Vladimir,

must have been the previous version. I had a new version notification before but opted not to install yet. I installed after and just tried again getting the same result as you.

Thanks for the quick response!