Email a datagrid

Hi Guys, I Worked through the Send Email Blog Post, and haven't been able to get that to work. Ideally I'd like to be able to send a (datagrid) order via email, from the app. Got any Ideas.


I've replied to your other post (Sending an Email from Radzen) with simplified example of my blog post. You can now just provide parameters for To, Cc, Subject and Text. I'm afraid that I'm not sure what do you mean by sending a DataGrid as email. Do you want to convert the grid records as text and send it? You can use StringBuilder and loop the data bound to the grid to get desired grid as text maybe.

Thanks for you help Vladimir, the goal is to send a decent looking Purchase Order via Email, with the items in a list/table. As a Work around, I've set up a Azure Logic App, and a Stored Procedure in the Database, That gets triggered from an email sent from a button click event on the page. That also introduces options such as approvals and order confirmations that I hadn't thought of.

Thanks for your time.