Edit Data Source, Auto data-source and page generation grayed out

I was updating the data source with some changes from the database after the latest software update. When I get to the Automatic data-source and page generation options all, except "Enable cascade delete", are greyed out.

I need to have the software recreate pages.

How can we fix this?

You need to check "Generate pages for CRUD operations"

I tried to do this but found that that option is not on the screen.

You are using community version of Radzen and this option is disabled.

Then how to I get Radzen to generate services and pages from an existing database? The first time I installed the community version they were being generated but now they are not.

Radzen starts as a 15 day professional trial. Then it goes in community mode. The following features are not available in community mode:

  1. Scaffolding of CRUD pages from a database
  2. Deployment
  3. Multiple applications
  4. Theme customization

You should have received an email when your trial ended.