Easier styling

I find myself desiring more simple styling on the components, namely grid columns. For example, If I just use Property value on a grid column it will wrap in a span. But if I want more styling I have to use a Template and apply a styling so an HTML element so I use a span. Now i have unnecessarily. I'm ideally looking for GridColumn Class="foo" where I can just apply my class to the component and that will be applied to the output.

Thanks for the feedback Tim! We can add CssClass property for the DataGrid columns (it will be applied to column data cells). Will this work for you?

Yeah I think something like that would help. It helps override the default styles as well. There have been times I want the default styling but different colors for example.

Just published Radzen 1.0.14 with CssClass property for DataGrid columns.

Thanks for adding this. I noticed in some other control "Style" is exposed as a property, but this isn't consistent. I'm wondering if Style/CssClass should be added to some base level implementation.