Dynamically adding RadzenDataGrid

I have a tree view and based on what node you chose that elements display change, my issue is when I select a tree node the uses RadzenDataGrid/having Rows collapsed and then happened to pick another tree node that implements a RadzenDataGrid the grid has already been rendered and not all the row are collapse if the previous grid had fewer rows; my question is how do I have the RadzenDataGrid always start in the initial state when I chose a new tree node?

Not sure what's your setup however changing Data property of the DataGrid will reset the state.

I will attempt to create a sample demo but simply changing the Data property of the DataGrid will not reset the state.

You can try also to execute Reset() method for the DataGrid.

I already tried that without luck it only resets when I select another tree node that displays different info as long as it not the same DataGrid(Component)

this is the basic setup on my index page for calling the components; so if I select node "B" then "C" the data changes but the grid does not reset. so if C that has 3 rows and I set Expand to false then select node "B' that has more than 3 row the first 3 rows are collapsed but the remaining are expanded

switch (treeNode)
	case "A":
		<Example1 Data=@token />
	case "B":
	case "C":
		<Example2 Data=@token />
	case "D":
	case "E":
	case "F":
		<Example2 Data=@token />
		<RadzenText TextAlign="TextAlign.Center" TextStyle="TextStyle.H4">
			<div class="rz-text-capitalize">
				<RadzenIcon IconStyle="IconStyle.Warning" Icon="bug_report" style="font-weight: 100;" />
				Under Construction