DropDownDataGrid Virtualization using LoadData Empty Filter ArgumentNullException

When Visualization using LoadData of DropDownDataGrid, ArgumentNullException occurs when Filter is set to Empty.
Is there a way around it?

It also happens on the demo site Visualziztion using Load.

Filter Input...

Filter Empty

Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce it.

Try to debug the source code to check what's null.

We were able to reproduce it and fix will be released before the end of this week.

hello enchev

Thank you for your quick response
I'm looking forward to the release.

Hi enchev!
Our company is planning to release a website using Blazor. (09/01/2022)
We are using DropDown, but we really want to use the DropDownDataGrid component.
Because DropDownDataGrid has better usability.
So we hope that this issue will be resolved as soon as possible.
yours sincerely.

I’m afraid that we still cannot reproduce such issue.

Thank you for reply!
Just in case, I will tell you the steps to reproduce in the video.

yours sincerely.

Thanks! Fix will be published later today!

Thank you!
We are looking forward to the fix!

I have confirmed that the problem has been fixed.
Thank you for your response!