DropDownDatagrid textproperty on multiple selection

how can I view the chained values ​​chosen by a dropdown with "multiple" properties enabled?

You can bind the DropDown value to an array for example and observe this array when needed:

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Perfect, work, but how post the selected values, i need to create a viemodel and use custom method? now i use a crud autogenerated method

You can create a custom method like this:

public IActionResult Test(IEnumerable<string> selectedCustomers)
    return Ok(selectedCustomers);

and invoke this method on Change event of the DropDown:

The result will be:

work fine, I used a class that contains all the property in the form plus the list

hi, I have problems in the edit phase, if I take the selected elements from a custom method as reported in the previous post I don't see the text in the dropdown

sorry for the inconvenience, I was wrong approach, I had to get back a list of guid not the complete objects