DropDownDataGrid Searching

This is a very useful control. Is it possible to search all columns ? For example, the salesperson number and salesperson name are columns in the drop down. Users may want to search by either number or name.

Yep, you can create your own custom filtering similar to our demo:

I am sorry, but I don't see using that example, how to change the incremental search while typing. May I also suggest that searching all columns be the default behavior of this component or at least a property setting?

Iā€™m afraid that this is the closest option we can offer you at the moment. Search as you type is the default behavior - you do not have to do anything to enable it.

OK . If I use a template and include the columns that I want to search as one column, I believe I can achieve the results I am looking for. How can I define the template using the Radzen IDE?

You can use template designer to define any template in Radzen:

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Wow, that sounds really awesome. However, I am unsure of exactly which properties to set an how to reference the values. I tried multiple ways with no success. Is there an example of this in a demo using the IDE somewhere?

Maybe this article will help you:

I'm sorry enchev. I still not getting it. I am trying to do something like this from your docs, but I can't figure out how to use the IDE template to reference the data to use in the column. I would like to combine two columns from the look up table into one column.

You have two options:

  • use two separate components next to each other in the template (for example Label) and set the Text property using the binding picker to desired field from the data context.
  • use single component (again Label for example) and write complex expression for the Text property again using binding dialog

I strongly suggest you to check the following article: