DropDownDataGrid click area

I've noticed on the DropDownDataGrid that the click area does not fill the entire box. The click area seems to be limited to this area:

In other words, if you click towards the edge of the box nothing happens. I would expect to be able to click anywhere in the box to activate the dropdown.

Are you using the latest version? I was not able to reproduce on our demos by clicking the bottom right corner:


Yes, the DropDown components work fine, but the DropDownDataGrid components have this issue. I am able to reproduce this on your online demos using Brave and Firefox.

I've just tried DropDownDataGrid in both Firefox and Chrome and it worked normally for me:

Here is my Firefox version:

It looks likes the area is a bit larger around the dropdown arrow, but elsewhere the click area is smaller. Can you try clicking the bottom left corner?

I have confirmed this is an issue with the same version Firefox, along with Chrome and Edge on two different computers. I guess I have the habit of clicking low on the dropdown because I hit this issue a lot.

I was able to reproduce and fix the problem. The fix will be part of our next update early next week.

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