DropDown validation in inLine Editing DataGrid

I have DropDown component and Text component in an inLine Editing DataGrid and I want to use request validator on them.
I watched the demo and I thinkI set both of them in the rigth way but the validation pop up did not want to be displayed when I clicked the save button.
Could you look at my code please?

The MozgtetDto.TipusAzon is an int and the MozgtetDto.Azonosito is a nullable string.

<RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="MozgtetDto" Property="MozgtetDto.Tipus" Title="Tipus" Width="280px" >
  <EditTemplate Context="mozgtetDto">
    <RadzenDropDown @bind-Value="mozgtetDto.TipusAzon" Data="@tipusDropDownData" AllowFiltering="true"
        Change=@(async (args) => await OnTipusChange(args))
        TextProperty="Text" ValueProperty="ValueInt" Style="width:100%; display: block;" Name="Tipus" />
    <RadzenRequiredValidator Text="A típus kötelező." Component="Tipus" Popup="true" />
<RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="MozgtetDto" Property="MozgtetDto.Azonosito" Title="Azonosító">
  <EditTemplate Context="mozgtetDto">
    <RadzenTextBox @bind-Value="mozgtetDto.Azonosito" Style="width:100%; display: block" Name="Azonosito" />
    <RadzenRequiredValidator DefaultValue="null" Text="A gyári szám kötelező." Component="Azonosito" Popup="true" />

Thank you in advance.

If the TipusAzon property is non-nullable you should set the DefaultValue property of the RequiredValidator:

 <RadzenRequiredValidator DefaultValue="0" Text="A típus kötelező." Component="Tipus" Popup="true" />

I've set it but the warning pop up doesn't display.