Dropdown select text property

Hopefully someone can help me with this one. I have a table of daily sales with a dropdown that selects a salesperson from a staff table. I would like to get the value of another column in the staff table when a staff person is selected and store that value to a column in the daily sales table. I have tried a straight forward ${dailysalesvalue}=${staffvalue}...did not work because I can't acces the staff table. I tried the ${selectedvalue.map(i => i.staffvalue)} and error says my value does not contain .map. Can someone clarify how this can be done?

I am afraid we can't help you with so little information provided. What is salesperson? What is the staff table? What is the daily sales table? You can access table data only if you have a page property that contains it. You need an Invoke data source method action which sets a page property. Then you can use the property to access items from it.

By the way C# objects don't have a map method. Are you confusing C# with JavaScript/TypeScript? Also there is a common convention that all .NET methods start with a capital letter.

Sorry, I had looked at another post about something similar and realized after I was barking up the wrong tree. But...here are the details

Daily Sales
SaleDate (datetime)
Customer (nvarchar(75))
Salesperson (nvarchar(30)
VehicleYear (numeric(4,0))
VehicleMake (nvarchar(25))
VehicleMode (nvarchar(40))
VehicleProfit (numeric(12,2))
SalesCommRate (decimal(5,2))

Sales_Staff Table
Salesperson (nvarchar(30))
Comm_Rate (decimal(5,2))

In the Add Daily Sales page, I have a dropdown for the Salesperson

I need to store the Comm_Rate in Sales_Staff to the SalesCommRate in Daily Sales.

I have tried doing this in the Change Event of the Dropdown and in the Click event on the Save Button, but have had no luck.

In either case, I used invoke data source method (getSalesStaff} and setting the filter to ${Sales_Staff}=${Daily_Sales.Salesperson}
the use set property (getSalesStaffResult} and set the value to ${result}

I then use set property again and name it Commission and set the value to ${Data.Sales_Staff.Comm_Rate)
the I execute c# ${Daily_Sales.SalesCommRate} = ${Commission}

It won't compile and generates an error
I know the problem is in the the property (Commission)

How did you set this filter? It doesn't look right. Did you use the Query Builder? Show us either the generated code or a screenshot from Radzen.

What is Data? Your property is called getSalesStaffResult.

I finally figured it out. Just couldn't remember...have to use FirstOrDefault() with the field I need to extract...thanks for your help!