DropDown filtering with LoadData


there is a example in the DropDown docs on how to filter remote data with LoadData event, but not even that example seems to work correctly.

For example, 4th item after openning the drop down reads "Around the Horn".

  • If you type "horn" (or "Horn") you get no results.
  • If you type "arou" you get that one row, but if you add one more character to "aroun" row will dissapear unless you'll delete all characters after 4th character. This behaviour is not consistent either, in other rows it can be after 3rd character and so on.

You can examine the logic behind this demo here:

Ah, i see it now... Then maybe the example dropdown should bind to some of the properties the search is actually performed on? Like TextProperty="ContactName". To illustrate the functionality better.

Thank you.

The example is for custom filtering using LoadData event - it does exactly this.

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