Dropdown - changed on display

II have something strange, at some point I got a message in my Radzen screen instead of the icon,
but the application runs in the browser without any problem.

What did i do:
one dropdown generates by change the data for next dropdown.
because i have to many double entries a custom function eliminates these with a linq expression.
The custome function is in C# on a partial class and the input property is set in the change event of the first dropdown and generate a property with data for the second dropdown.

What can i do to get ride of the message, also VS studio does not report any error.


Just added a new event to the dropdown of the second dropdown , and the message disappears... i think a update error in radzen (perhaps a bug) ,
But Radzen is just amazing...

Hi again get the same issue, ... it seams that when a add a custom function to alter the data to display the message appears. Th custom function is placed in a partial class of the page.
the steps i perform:

  • issue a event getData - get the dat from database
  • set myProperty to ${result}
  • set my2property to ${teamkeys(result)}
    the function returns a new IEnumerable<Models.SbData.EventKey>
    no problem until this point.
    But then i change a the data of a grid or dropdown to the property my2Property, then i got the message? Has some any suggestion how to solve this.


This is a case which Radzen does not currently support in design time - invoking custom methods. Hopefully this is something Radzen 3.0 would support.

Hoi i think i have found the solution just add "this." in front of the function
Basically it should not throw an error because it's a part of a partial class, all other properties are defined in the same class, even the return values are in the same structure.
In Radzen the error is direct visible if i change it to the function, but is not mentioned in VS Studio as an error. I added only "this." to the function and the error in Radzen disappears and it works perfect.

the call is in Radzen:
this.TeamEventKeys(result, ${event})

the function in VS studio (partial class)
public IEnumerable<Models.SbData.EventKey> TeamEventKeys(IEnumerable<Models.SbData.EventKey> EventkeysResult, int selectedTeamKey)
if (EventkeysResult != null)
EventkeysResult = EventkeysResult.Where(x => x.TeamKey == selectedTeamKey);
return EventkeysResult;