Dropdown and PanelMenu issue in Blazor Server .Net6

It appears that several controls are non-functional when used in Blazor Server with Net6. I first noticed this issue with the Dropdown and the Panel Menu to be exact. When clicking a control the menu does not expand in either of these components.

I have followed all the instructions of the Getting Started page, I have two deployed applications in .Net 5 using these controls, but can not get them working in .Net 6. The last section of the getting started is inaccurate for Blazor Server as this is not what the program.cs file would look like in Blazor Server so my suspicion is that is related to this issue.

Has anyone got these controls working in Blazor Server .Net 6 or have a solution?

Make sure you have the latest version of Radzen.Blazor - our demos are exactly .Net6 and everything works as expected.

Thank you for the reply, I do have the most recent radzen nuget package.

This further extends to any component that needs to expand or has buttons to cycle pages such as data grid or some panel layouts. It appears that possibly the javascript events tied to the components are not working correctly or at all. I have verified the script file is included at the bottom of my _Layout.cshtml

Check using your browser developer tools if the script is loaded correctly.

Apologies, It looks like when I added Identity Framework I ended up with some duplicate code. This resulted in multiple Endpoint routings to be mapped that overlapped and the effects had only presented themselves in when trying to interact with Radzen Components.