Disabling one field disables another

Hello Radzen Team,
i have a strange behavior with a disabled field. and i think its a problem from localization.
Disabling fields seems to be done by the label name not by the field name which ist unique on a form/page.
Disabling by the label name is very confusing when you must have localization/translated names.in mind.

ok… label names should be unique either on a form… but the translation is done globally and on other forms/pages we need the label “nummer” for the field Nummerteil1und2.


am i wrong with my thoughts? What can i do instead?


Could it be that you are localizing the Property of a form field instead of the Title? I think this is causing the problem from your other thread as well. You should localize Title and not Property. We can check that if you zip the client directory of your app and send it over to info@radzen.com