Disable Window Drag & Drop

I like to write the ID of an Item in the window-titlebar. That's handy.
But some of my users would like to copy this id out of the titlebar into the clipboard.
But that doesn't work because the whole titlebar is a Drag&Drop target.

So now I would like to solve that issue in some way. The options which come to my mind are:

  • make only the rest of the tiltebar without the title text react onto drag&drop events
  • disable the drag&drop function in the whole (my users don't need that, it's not an mdi so its not too useful anyway)
  • add an copy-to-clipboard icon into the titlebar in a generic way, so it works in every popup-window

Do you have an idea how any of these could be accomplished?

Hi @Moo,

We will add draggable and resizable options for dialogs similar to Blazor for our next update:

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