Disable/Enable DataGrid Filter Input

With filterValue and Radzen Demo it is easy to set initial datagrid filter value.
But I need, for non administrative users, to disable changes in the initial filter value.

Is it possible to programmatically disable coumn input filter field?


You can set initial filter value conditionally depending on user rights. Please check this thread for more info how to get user role:

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The problem is not set initial filter value conditionally, The filter is the same, but administrators can change it after loading. Non administrator cannot. I would like to show the filter, but for non admin the filter field must not be altered, but showed, i.e, “disabled”.

I’m also in need of something like that where the admin and client page would only make a difference: admin can change its filter by name, searching for all people, while the client would have their filter set as their name and could not change, but would continue visible (disabled only)

Support has sugested using filterable column property to be disabled in case of non admin user.
It worked

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