DialogService confirmation submit on key press

Hello @Team

My app supports mouse free navigation. The confirmation, however, does not support any sort of key binding or form submit. I wish there was a config that allowed the user to hit ESC for No and ENTER for Yes, as these are my dialog defaults.

We've recently enabled focus on initialize for the confirm dialog and you can navigate between buttons using tab and submit using enter:

Close dialog on Escape is being requested by many (including me :smiley:). Close dialog on escape is implemented in angular project also. Hope to see it implemented in blazor soon :slight_smile:

Hey @Vinod_Pillai,

As far as I know there is no way to close dialog in Radzen Angular application with ESC or at least not predictable in case of components with popups in the dialog.

As you know we accept pull requests.

Actually I've found a way to enable this easily - it will be part of our next update:

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Thanks a Lot! Radzen Rocks :heart: