dialogService.Confirm skipped after few second?

Hello to everyone,

This is my first post. I have a question for you: when I invoke the DialogService.Confirm it passes without clicking on the ok button after a few second. Could it be that it's going to timeout or it's an exception??

@inject DialogService DialogService

var confirmed = await DialogService.Confirm("Do you Confirm?");
if (confirmed.HasValue && confirmed.Value){
    //do stuff

Hi @robertomarchesi,

To be honest we are not sure why this could happen and have not seen this problem before. I tested here and waited for a few minutes but the confirm didn't close.

in this video you can see my problem

I saw the problem in the video however I am not sure what could be causing it. You can try attaching the source of the Radzen.Blazor components to see why the confirmation returns prematurely.

I tried but there are no exceptions and the problem remains

You can use the debugger to step back and see what caused the confirmation to complete. Trace the method calls back to the DialogService.