Dialog Component generate errors if we use Dotnet Watch Run (Hot Reload))


Everything works fine, but if we do any changes in any component (but only component - not .cs file), the hot reload generete following erros on page.

error CS0234: Typ lub przestrzeń nazw „WorkersAddEdit
Component<>” nie występuje w przestrzeni nazw App.Modules.CrudWorkers.Components” (czy nie brakuje odwołania do zestawu?)

Opening dialog code:

 await _dialogService.OpenAsync<Nigger.Modules.CrudWorkers.Components.WorkersAddEditComponent<TItem>>
            "Dodaj/Edytuj Pracownika",
            new Dictionary<string, object>()
                { "Item", item }
            new DialogOptions() { Width = "800px", Height = "auto", Resizable = true, Draggable = true });

Blazor Server Side, .Net 7 Preview5

Hi @mac,

Unfortunately hot reload is a black box with a lot of quirks. There is no way for us to debug such issues or determine what causes them. Still you may want to report that problem (in case it worked as expected in .NET 6) in the ASP.NET github repository.