Developing Friends Photo Album With Radzen Studio and Radzen Blazor Studio

In this video, I show my son Amos how to create a photo album with RADZEN. I show him how to create SQL SERVER database, tables and relationships between them.I use Chat Gpt to generate initial transact Sql statements to create the database tables. I also explain what progressive web apps are using Chat gpt. I also explain what a web application is using chat gpt.Artificial Intelligence is also used to generate images of non existent persons.I also show him how to create BLAZOR web apps with both RADZEN STUDIO and RADZEN BLAZOR STUDIO. Source codes for the two projects can be found at GitHub - benjaminsqlserver/AmosFriendsPhotoAlbumRadzenBlazorStudio and GitHub - benjaminsqlserver/AmosFriendsPhotoAlbumRadzenStudio