Deployed app reloads

the app published in IIS, randomly reloads, causing the user to lose the data entry job, and presenting the login page. It also happens after 3.4 minutes, so it's not a question of a session. Why?

The only reason this could happen is a session timeout. You can try increasing the default which is 5 minutes to one hour or so.

there is another point where i configure session timeout?

No, this is the only one. You will have to redeploy your application after making this change.

In addition sessions in Radzen do not refresh automatically.

i have setting this parameter before the deploy, but problem remains

We are not aware of any other causes of redirecting to the login screen. The session timeout will occur even if the user is in the application as it doesn't refresh automatically.

Hi, I have seen this issue in my deployed apps. Users are not happy with this behavior.

I am generating a new build from the latest radzen version, to test this.

Radzen Dev Team, have you made any improvements on this lately?

What is the meaning of the "Enable Session Refresh" checkbox on the App Auth Settings?