Demos: Upload - Error in Console

Hi guys,

I like your components, great work and I wish you to keep it up!

I have just been browsing your demos at [], I was using the Upload component and I clicked Multiple, uploaded two random files I had on my desktop and Bang! Erro in the console.
I didn't realise it but one of the files I uploaded was a .exe: 382464 bytes, perhaps that caused it?

Failed to excecute postmessage on DOMWindow

Thanks for the report! I've tried to replicate the error using Radzen installers (pretty big exe) however everything worked normally on my end:

Perhaps it was a random thing, I don't think it's sersific to the uploads, I latter went on to the Dialog demos and I'm sure I got the same error there.

It could be because you are using server-side and my connection was lost somehow.

Should say that I am using Firefox 74