Demo Layout: Print Page cutted

First of all: may I ask here something about your fantastic layout of the demo portal that you share in the repo? Or it is out of context of the free support?

The question is simple: why if I want to print a page it prints only the viewable part and only ONE page? (eg. if I'm at beginning of page it cuts the end, and viceversa)

is it a limitation of some components (eg. radzencard) or only a css matter?


Hi @SandroRiz,

Check this thread:

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thanks a lot

BTW: why on your site when printing the left sidebar menu is hidden, while if I run the DemoProject in VS it is not?
Does it mean that what I get from public repo is not 100% what you have in production?


Not sure what demo project you mean, can you clarify?

Here is what I see - not hidden at all.

Printing is a browser feature and there is printer specific CSS that can be used to customize the default behavior.

I mean between and the local site (and BTW I wish to have hidden, like your production site)

This depends on thee landscape mode (the sidebar is responsive and is hidden on certain screen sizes).


If you want to hide the sidebar during print always use print specific CSS

@media print {
   .rz-sidebar {
      display: none !important;