Delete Page Issue

When I delete a page from ny application the RadZen designer goes blank. You have to restart Radzen to see your projects, pages, etc.

Here is what looks like. It has happened several times when deleting pages from the IDE. Suggestions?

Is this the beta? There is a known issue with the beta which we have fixed (not released yet). Does it happen with every page that you delete?

This is the beta 2.0 and it does it when I delete page. I did this several times with the same outcome.

You can try this build (beta 4). That issue should be fixed there.

I am downloading it and will give it try.


It seems to have resolved the deleting issues. The pages delete and the IDE stays intact. Very nice!

After I delete the page and run the app I get this Compile error. The delete must leave some artifacts behind that raises the error. Just my wild guess

“Cannot find page with path “add-g-562-z-osmembership-subscriber”.
In page: “G 562 Z Osmembership Subscribers”, component: grid0, event: Add”