Default.css was changed in latest version affecting our whole app layout

Hi support:

Today we upgraded our application to the latest Radzen version 3.14.0 from an older version 3.13.10 and our entire application was affected due to changes in many styles of the default.css file.

For example, the h4 elements have a different font size, etc.

This is the first time that we have this situation since we started to use Radzen almost a year ago.

Any idea what we can in this case ?

Thanks in advanced

This is the Radzen community forum. For dedicated support you should use (it requires a Radzen Professional subscription).

People complained that Radzen themes styled global elements (h4, p etc) which indeed was unintended so we are no longer doing that in the -base versions of the themes. This was done a month ago - 3.13.10 was released a lot earlier.

Use the full version of the theme instead of the base one - default.css vs. default-base.css.