Debug notices in design view

Hello, I've just started using Radzen, trying it out and am encountering an odd problem. I started a new project, everything looked fine. I added an Azure AD data source and a new page to test out Azure AD authentication - this works fine however now there is a bunch of debug information showing in the design view making it basically impossible to add components or work on the UI in any way. Attempting to upload a screen shot of the problem. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @jbrown,

This error could happen if Radzen has generated a property called 'default' for some reason.

Thank you, that does seem to be the case. I can see a number of instances in the microsoft.graph generated classes where 'default' is used. Primarily in microsoft.graph.contentTypeOrder.cs where there is this:

public bool? @default

I have tried changing it but whenever Radzen builds the code it reverts it back to 'default' and the problem persists. Is there any chance of this getting fixed in a future update? I can remove the Azure AD data source for now and continue to develop around it but that's a very temporary solution.

We will investigate and fix the issue.