DatePicker AllowClear interacts with DropDown AllowClear

I'm using a RadzenDatePicker and a RadzenDropDown Control in a Component. Both with AllowClear enabled.
I choose a Date and then an entry from the DropDown. After that, I delete the Date (pressing X) and then I press X in the DropDownControl. As a result, the deleted Date is displayed again.

<RadzenDropDown AllowClear="true"
Placeholder="Standort ..."
Change=@(args => OnChange(args))
Style="width:100%" />
<RadzenDatePicker placeholder="G├╝ltig ab..." AllowClear="true" YearRange="@param.DatePickerYearRange" @bind-Value=@GueltigAb DateFormat="d" Style="width:100%" />

Try to debug your app. AllowClear enables setting the component Value to null.

The content of the control will be erased, but the binded variable is not resetted.It keeps the previous selected date.
If I clear the content manually, the binded variable is set to null.