Date filter in datagrid does not close on apply


when I click Apply on the date filter in a datagrid, the grid updates but the filter dialog remains, is this by design? Is there a way to close it ?


Hi @Peter_Rogers,

There is probably some exception which is thrown during filtering. The filter dialog normally closes when the user clicks the Apply or Clear button.

Thanks for your reply, silly question but where would I look to see any exception? The code seems to execute and does not throw any errors it finishes and filters the data grid based on the selected date.


In Visual Studio or in your browser's console.

Hi, sorry didn't phrase my question very well, what I meant was I am not seeing any exception in Visual Studio or in Browser console.

Screen shot below is before filtering on date

Then when I select a date and click apply, you can see the data grid updates but there is no exception thrown in Visual Studio or the console and the dialog remains open

I just double-checked and it seems there is indeed a discrepancy. The "simple" filter does not close when the user clicks the apply button whereas the "advanced" filter closes. We will rectify that in one of the next releases.

that's great thank you