DataGridColumn two-way bind to FilterXXX and SortOrder

Hi, how do I bind RadzenDataGridColumn's Filter and Sort state to my model? I am trying @bind-FilterOperator but I get an exception saying "Object of type RadzenDataGridColumn ... does not have a property matching the name 'FilterValueChanged'."

I have a wasm app with two Pages, one of which has a DataGrid. Each page is injected with respective ViewModel. The ViewModel for the data grid page is a singleton, so that I can navigate away from the page and then come back to the same state. So I want to bind the data grid's state (Filters and Sorting) to my model so it is restored when I navigate back to the data grid page. Is there a proper way to do it if binding is not working? Thanks!

Two way binding is not supported, however since we accept pull requests you can submit such with this functionality implemented.