DataGridColumn Template Tooltips

In this demo, if the DataGridColumn is not using a template, then the cell contents display in a tooltip when hovering. However, if the DataGridColumn is using a template, then no tooltip is shown when hovering.

How can I get the tooltip to show the cell contents for DataGridColumns that are using a template?

Maybe the title is not being applied correctly in the template columns?

The Employee column produces this: <span class="rz-cell-data" title=""></span>

The Order Date column produces this: <span class="rz-cell-data" title="07/04/2016"></span>

The title is set like this:

<span class="rz-cell-data" title="@(column.Template == null ? column.GetValue(Item) : "")">

So yes, when Template is set the title attribute remains empty. You can add your own HTML element wrapper with a title attribute set per your requirements e.g.

   <span title="@context.TitleProperty">
     @context.FirstName @context.LastName
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Ok, thank you! I was able to get it working based on your suggestion.