Datagrid renders very slow when I have 75 columns and 1000 records


I have a Blazor Web Assembly project using Radzen.

I loaded 1000 records that has 75 columns, but to render the datagrid takes more than 30 seconds and our users wont like to use paging.

Also we notice that selecting a row has a lag.

Any idea how to improve the render speed when a Radzen datagrid has many columns


I am afraid the Radzen DataGrid will not handle that many items without paging enabled. You should probably look for a different component.

Hi Korchev:

Thanks for the answer, but in relation the selected row, is there a way to apply the row selection faster.

I have the Page Size set to 5 rows but the grid has 75 columns, and when I select a row there is delay while applying the row selection.

Thanks again