DataGrid refresh on Reload/LoadData

Well. I got the same problem too.
I have read all suggestions and unfortunately, nothing seems to work.
I tried the following after a button click event is fired :
1- Redone the invoke datasource method and re-setting updating the collection property that the grid is bound to.
2- Invoking
await gridx.Reload();
3- Calling the Page Reload method.
4- I even tried executing a c# code and called the page load function
await load();

None have worked for me. Any Ideas ?

There is something worth mentioning here, In earlier Radzen studio versions where .Net 3.1 was supported, I have never faced this issue.

Got I similar issue... and using InvokeAsync(gridx.Reload); fixed the issue (for my own different project) but you can give it a try in your.

For me it was not working properly because I was calling from an other thread (from SignalR)