DataGrid navigation in smartphone

Blazor DataGrid footer totals (

If I open the Datagrid Footer Totals example in a browser (PC), I can see the grid with 6 columns. If I open the same page but in a browser in a smartphone (Android) I can only see the first 2 columns, and I can't swipe to see the other columns.

Blazor DataGrid custom appearance via column templates (

If I open the DataGrid Template example in a browser (PC); I can see 5 columns, if I do the same but in a smartphone I can only see two columns (the first one and the last one).

If I open the DataGrid Reszing example in a smartphone, I can swipe in order to see all the columns.

So, the first question is, why in the first two examples I can not swipe in the smartphone to see all the columns, but in the last example I can.

The second question would be why in the second example, the page shows the first and last columns, and not the first two columns, as in the first example.

Thanks in advance.

There is no Width specified for some of the columns in footer totals demo. If you want all columns to be visible on small screens you can wither define Width for all columns or set ColumnWidth for the DataGrid.