Datagrid is slow when filtering is enabled

Hi, I am having an issue with the scaffolded datagrid. Whenever filtering is enabled, performance is drastically affected. I find this alarming because I am only retrieving 10 items.

I have seen no issue server side while debugging the attached Radzen service. Also, the query used to retrieve the data is finished instantly when ran in SQL Server.

This leads me to believe that there is an issue with the way filtering is handled client side for the datagrid.

Hi @aGrover1_2,

Can you send us small application where we can reproduce this? Using our Sample database with default CRUD pages we are unable to reproduce such problem.

Here is the sample application.

Could you provide more details how to reproduce the problem?

  1. What SQL script do we have to run to create the database?
  2. What page is the problematic one?
  3. What should we don on that page in order to reproduce the problem?

Hey @aGrover1_2,

We've just found that the same scenario works instantly in .NET 5 WASM - it's definitely related to the runtime rendering in .NET 3.1