Datagrid is highlighting rows in a page above the first


I have a problem with the Radzen datagrid. I am using the latest version of the component.

When you have a datagrid with many pages and you go any page above the first one, and then you select row, the row is highlighted. However if you select another, the prior one still highlighted.

This odd behavior does not happen in the first page of the datagrid.

I have the selection mode as single.


Any idea how to solve this issue.


Hi, Any idea about this issue.

Is very easy to duplicate. In any grid with multiple pages, you go to any page above page 1, and once you select a row, the selection stays forever. Only page 1, works fine.


Thanks @Portal_Traker! We will do our best to include fix in our next update before the end of this week.

Thanks enchev for the good news.